In-House Repair

UH-Trading in partnership with an FAA 145 MRO Repair Station, has optimum engineering skills, Special Tooling Design and fabrication capabilities, R&D, Machine Shop Support, Testing of equipment, and development of New Capabilities.


UH-Trading, through this partnership, offers vast experience repairing UH-60 Rotor Blades. We support, exchange, maintain and repair Main and Tail Rotor Blades. Our team knows most players in this market and can support operators with these vital components.

UH-Trading has an inventory of floors, panels, stabilators, and other Flight Control systems. We can help operators maintain their aircraft flying in optimal conditions at the best prices.

UH-Trading offers timely solutions and has in-house inventory ready to ship. Email us with the part numbers of your interest, our team will respond promptly.


A typical hydraulic system consists of actuators, also called servos, on each flight control, a pump that is usually driven by the main rotor transmission, and a reservoir to store the hydraulic fluid. Some helicopters have accumulators located on the pressure side of the hydraulic system.

At UH-Trading, we can offer you flat exchanges for the main servos, all the auxiliary ones, and the tail-rotor one.

We also hold an inventory of pumps, actuators, and servo-valves for the benefit of our customers. These repairs are made in house with our partner, a 145 repair facility.